Time Out! with Gladys and Ulla

Clearing the infection

March 04, 2022 Dr Gladys Ato and Ulla Gaudin, music by Eicca Toppinen. All rights reserved. Season 4 Episode 7
Time Out! with Gladys and Ulla
Clearing the infection
Show Notes

Awww man, this episode is freaking AMAAAAZING!!!! Yes we go there. Yes we dive right into the heart of the most uncomfortable topic everrrrrr and hold the mirror up to what you spend your whole life trying to avoid. 

You'll either thank us or hate us for it at the end of this episode. Either way, we still love you. 🤣

Come hold our hands as we introduce you to the Big D, our favorite BFF ever, otherwise known as the infection we call Death.

Feel the massive goosebumps as Ulla blows up everything you've ever learned about death while Gladys squirms at all the things she reveals that no one has the courage to tell you.

Keep your tissues nearby because there are way too many giggles and hilariously non-PC moments in this episode that'll leave you crying-laughing as you rethink how you navigate saying goodbye to someone who's dying or how you can soften your own death transition.

This massive mind-blowing revelation of an episode will allow you to clear out all the negative gunk around death and create the most beautiful relationship with it that will transform how you live the rest of your life...and if you allow it, how you will die too.  ☠️😘🙊💥🤸🏽‍♀️

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